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Dear Agents and Clients

 Warm greetings from our BBB European Restaurant !

In the BBB European Restaurant, Mandalay now has

an oasis where you can enjoy the best of traditional Myanmar cuisine or if you prefer, familiar Western favourites such as pasta dishes and pizzas with your choice of toppings.

Suitable for snacking or leisurely lunches as you sock into the atmosphere  in the privacy of our cool thatched-roofed veranda or teak-lined homely dining room.
Enjoy a tete-a-tete with your travelling partner over a freshly brewed Lavazza coffee or chill out over a refreshing cocktail by the lawn with the setting over a majestic landscape.

As the night cools in the evening, feast on a generous selection of seafood and choice meats grilled to perfection over an open fire by our chefs.
We are also in ideal and exclusive venue for your meetings, conferences and seminars.
Our Services extend to catering for outdoor BBQ dinner and cocktail parties. Dine like Myanmar of olden days with traditional Myanmar theme dinners and history as your backdrop. For your trekking trips and excursions, we can arrange hearty meals in takeaway lunch and dinner boxes.
For tourists, complete your visit to Mandalay with a memorable dining experience at the BBB Restaurant.
For our corporate clients, mark the BBB European Restaurant on your calendar as the venue of choice in Mandalay for your conference and meeting needs or incentive dinners.
We are ready to play host to you at our BBB European Restaurant Here in Mandalay. We await your arrival...

BBB Restaurant
Ph: 02 - 25623   H.P: 09 90 60699


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  Mandalay Address : No. 292, 76th Street, Between 26th & 27th Street, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay, Myanmar.
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